Frequently Asked Questions

Q) How do I submit my "Five Rules"?
A) Submit them to the email address below. In addition to your "Five Rules", I need:

> Your name
> Where you live
> A brief (one or two line) bio

If you have concerns about spelling, grammar, or that English isn't your primary language - don't worry! All submissions are proof-read, corrected, and edited for continuity and clarity.

Q) Some of the submissions have long explanations, some short. How much can I write? Or, how much do I have to write?
A) The preference is that you provide reasoning (or explanation) for each rule, so others will understand your thought process. The better you explain, the more value it brings everyone.

Q) I am worried that my rules aren't any good. Will you publish them if they suck?
A) The majority of participants see the process of submitting their rules as a positive experience. It forces you to sit down and think about what is important based on your background, experience, and environment...but more importantly based on who you are now and who you want to be in the future. If you look at it from that perspective, your rules are just as valuable as anyone else's.

My primary requirement is that your rules don't advocate something that will harm or oppress others.

Your rules are probably more thought-provoking and insightful than you think. And, you never know how they might spark a thought in someone's mind that will help change their life!

Q) If they make a "Five Rules For Life" movie, who will play you?
A) Either Brad Pitt or John Cusack. It is a tough call, as Brad Pitt has proven he can act over the entire lifespan of a character...but John Cusack was great in Grosse Pointe Blank.

Q) Do you sell space for advertisements on the site?
A) No, "Five Rules For Life" is a non-profit, strictly philanthropic site. I plug products every now and then, but that's only because I like and use them!

All submissions are subject to Terms and Conditions.

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