Submitted by Dana Carver

dana carver is a father and professional business consultant; he currently serves as an advisor to - and board member of - several privately held and publicly traded companies.

Here are Dana's "Five Rules For Life":

1.) Be willing to learn.
I meet so many people who are unwilling to listen to others because they think they know everything about a given subject. A better approach is to think that you can learn something from everybody - regardless of their education level, age, or background. Talk to other people, ask questions, listen; there will never come a day when I think I am too smart to try and learn something from someone else.

2.) Check your ego at the door.
Self-confidence is wonderful, but having a big ego and letting it dictate your day-to-day actions is disastrous. We are all equal, and we all have times in our life that are great and times that are not so great. Treat others with respect and be humble. If you observe enough people you will find that the majority of time the ones who are flashy, loud, and egotistical are "all talk and no substance". Successful people let their actions and their experience speak for them.

3.) Utilize technology.
We live in an amazing time. You can research any topic and have access to the minds of geniuses by launching the web browser on your computer. A few decades ago the only way to expand your knowledge was to go to a library and research what were usually outdated publications. It was tedious, unreliable, and hard to utilize in everyday life. Today information on any subject is freely available and there is no reason you should not take advantage of it...only laziness.

4.) Don't give up.
It is easier said than done, but you never know when the next attempt will yield success. In today's culture everyone thinks they are entitled to success, but that is not the case. Success requires hard work, patience, and persistence. So don't give up - every failure means you have eliminated another way that does not in essence you are one step closer to success.

5.) Enjoy life.
Some famous person once said that on our deathbed we won't look back and wish we had put in more hours at the office. For me, I will wish I had spent more time with my children, more time traveling and seeing the world, and more time doing something that would have a positive impact on another person's life. Keep the things in mind that bring you happiness and a sense of fulfillment and make sure you do them so you don't have regrets.

Dana currently resides in Chicago, Illinois.