Submitted by Jason Judd

jason judd is director of treasury and corporate finance at limited brands; he has a background in finance and software development.

Here are Jason's "Five Rules For Life":

1.) Take time to think.
You may believe that you always have to be in a hurry and that you will lose out if you don't make a snap, quick decision. But the benefit that you can gain by making a well thought through decision is immeasurable.

2.) Balance your family with your work.
Often family responsibilities are more stressful and involved than work responsibilities, but we often feel that we need to address work first. Don't forget that your family can never fire you - they will always have your back and will always consider you first. Work is different and, unless you are an entrepreneur, in the end it belongs to someone else. Your family will always be yours.

3.) Consider giving to charity.
There is always someone that needs day it may be you. When you can, consider giving to a charity. You will be doing a good thing and will ensure that someone else has the ability to give some day in the future.

4.) Never go to bed angry.
Have it out. Whether it be with your spouse, your peer, your boss, whomever - be polite, but don't let it weigh you down while you sleep.

5.) Turn off the computer.
Keep in mind that just 15 years ago we didn't live on our cell phones - the BlackBerry didn't exist and most of us did not use email. There is a world out there.

Jason currently resides in Columbus, Ohio.