Submitted by Jim Stigliano

jim stigliano has over 17-years experience in the automotive industry; he is currently regional director of dent wizard international.

Here are Jim's "Five Rules For Life":

1.) Build a list of core values.
As you grow in you life you should form a small list of "core values". A good base to start with is honesty, loyalty, family, religion, education, and health. Use the values as your personal infrastructure for life; make your decisions and guide your life and your family with them. Your core values will evolve over time and become more life specific. The great news is that when you build your life around your core values it is like a building that will stand the test of time and help you weather any unforeseen events.

2.) Make your home a refuge.
One thing I have learned is to build your home so that you are proud of it and want to spend time with family and friends inside of it. It should be your most prized possession and it should provide a place to recharge your physical and emotional state. It does not have to be the biggest or most extravagant place, or be in the best location. But it needs to provide you with the ability to be yourself, and when you leave to go into the world you know it will be there to welcome you at the end of the day.

3.) Think three moves ahead.
One of the toughest disciplines is to think before you speak or act. You should try to envision what the other person's response will be to your words and actions. This will force you to work through all the options and eventually allow you to produce the best results. You will find yourself role playing these outcomes which will give you the ability to choose the actions with the best educated expectations.

4.) Give a pearl.
Giving a pearl is a basic and simple action - it involves doing something nice for other people. It can be as simple as saying something nice to someone or opening a door for another person. The greatest result is that it makes you feel better; it builds mental comfort and calmness. You will feel better each and every time you give a pearl, and you will see that people start returning the same to you.

5.) Live debt free.
This rule may seem like a never ending-journey. But it will not only help you feel better about yourself and your family, it will allow you to make better decisions. By living with a goal of no debt you can enjoy a relaxed lifestyle; decisions about careers, health, family, living, and education will be clearer without the financial burden. It will allow you to work in a career that you love, which will in turn lead to better productivity and more prosperous results.

Jim currently resides in Waco, Texas.