Submitted by Neil P.

neil p. is the creator and author of the website 1000 awesome things, where he is - quite simply - counting down 1000 awesome things (for example, "bakery air", "old, classic board games", and "popping bubble wrap").

...editor's note - 1000 Awesome Things is on my "top 10" list of blogs - it is stunningly unique just like Neil's "Five Rules".

Here are Neil's "Five Rules For Life":

1.) Be skeptical of the 5-day forecast.
Because brother, you just can't plan that far out.

2.) Floss your teeth.
And hey, why not let people know what you pulled outta there?

3.) Trade mix CDs.
Or just give them away for free, because free music is free love.

4.) Eat anything that requires Wet-Naps and a stack of napkins.
Bonus points if it's way too spicy.

5.) Learn how to make one recipe really, really good.
Then just keep making it over and over again whenever you go to a potluck.

Neil currently resides in Canada.