Submitted by Chris Chester

chris chester is an accomplished son, brother, husband, father, and friend. he supports his personal life by traveling to 211 cities in 22 countries to use his vast experience in international project management, corporate facilitation, and information technology to help companies improve their operations and make more money.

Here are Chris's "Five Rules For Life":

1.) Live "in the dash".
Your Birth and Death dates are etched on your tombstone. They are separated by a dash ( - ). Use the dash, the in-between, to live your life. Do not wait until the end to make a bucket list - make it early on and as you complete something, replenish it. No regrets.

2.) You are right in what you think.
"Whether you think you can or think you can't, you're right." You have the power to succeed and the power to fail. Believe you can do something and nothing can hold you back. Throughout recorded history you find example after example of people overcoming extreme adversity to become larger than life (whether they wanted to or not...for example Moses, Gandhi, Mother Theresa, Fred Rogers). Need another example? Read the background of the newly elected POTUS.

3.) Forgive.
The second most powerful trait that one can possess after Love is the power to Forgive. Forgive others that have wronged you. It takes more energy to harbor a feeling of disdain and it also will shorten your time "in the dash". More importantly, learn to forgive yourself. You will fail. You will make mistakes in business and your personal life. Forgive yourself.

4.) Just do it.
How many times have you been asked to do something at work that was not in your job description? First, realize that you ARE replaceable. Second, does it really matter if you hold an MBA but are stuffing envelops for a day? You get paid the same. If you believe in your company and its vision, then be a factor in moving it towards a common goal. If not, quit - you are hindering progress.

5.) Find a partner.
You may be one of the most successful persons in business but if you do not find someone to talk to, bounce ideas off of, cry to and with, and share your dreams and successes - then you will always be looking for something to fill that hole that you can't quite seem to fill with drugs, sex, money, or success. It does not need to be a significant can a parent, sibling, or friend. In Christianity, Man was not fulfilled until God made him a true companion. Look at your "heroes" - Superman has Lois, Batman has Robin, The Lone Ranger has Tonto, Mr. Roarke has Tattoo, Beavis has Butt-head. They all have a partner to share their successes and failures with...someone to (forgive me) "complete them".