Submitted by S. Patrick Kaine

s. patrick kaine is 34 years old; he is married with 2 daughters (5 and 3 years old), owns 2 businesses, and is a senior sales consultant for a human resource company. he also authors a blog with the tag line "what's better than this", which basically sums up his life.

Here are Patrick's "Five Rules For Life":

1.) Take things lightly.
I try not to get bogged down in how terrible (or how great) something is. It helps me see things more clearly, and I wish that someone taught me this a long time ago.

2.) Laugh a lot.
People naturally mirror others who they respect and enjoy being around. I use my sense of humor to get the juices flowing in meetings...or just because it feels really great to laugh with someone! Not only does it drop their defenses, it increases happy hormones that they unknowingly associate with YOU.

3.) Make a plan.
The greatest things in life are the hardest to get - it is nearly impossible to get something worth having unless you make a plan to do it. Use measuring techniques along the way, and reward yourself when you are on track or have accomplished something! This can range from losing weight to the mundane task of meeting a budget you created.

4.) Save for tomorrow.
See rule #3...this HAS to be included in your life. I learned at a young age that when I get a raise or a bonus, I need to put it away into retirement or long-term savings. It's amazing how this money isn't missed and how fast it grows (and it becomes addicting).

5.) Learn from others' mistakes and triumphs.
I have a large family and learned this little tidbit early on by watching my brothers and sisters; it carried on into friendship, love, and business. Whenever something goes wrong or right, stop and ask yourself "What could I do in the future to ensure that this never happens to me (or always happens to me)?"

Patrick currently resides in Allentown, Pennsylvania.