Submitted by Albert Foong

albert foong runs, a practical personal development blog that has enhanced the lives of many readers - moving them into a life of happiness and out of suffering; modern life, entwined with ancient spirituality.

Here are Albert's "Five Rules For Life":

1.) Always take a step back and see things from perspective.
When things happen, it is easy to get overwhelmed by our emotions and beliefs. Make it a habit, even for the smaller things, to respond and not react.

2.) Always be mindful of yourself.
Take frequent pauses to ask yourself – “What is happening inside me now?” Any type of negativity – even the background tension that we all have (and are frequently unaware of) – can be caught in this way, and our mindfulness allows them to begin to dissolve.

3.) Practice being non-judgemental and compassionate to all beings – including yourself.
This sounds like a lofty, perhaps even snobby, ideal. But it is a very fast and direct way to finding inner happiness. All judgement is self-judgement. All hatred is self-hatred. All forgiveness is self-forgiveness.

4.) Don’t run from your suffering, fears, hatred, and sorrow.
Instead, turn around and face them. Hold them, accept them, and feel them without resistance. Don’t wallow or indulge in them, hold them and comfort them like a mother comforting her crying baby. In doing so, they will begin to evaporate.

5.) If you find it hard to look after others, look after yourself first.
This is not to say become selfish or rude. But heal your own pain, look after your own body, find your own happiness. As a result, you will find that you’ll look after others naturally. Someone who hurts others does so because he has no choice; he is hurting inside and he does not know how to handle it. Someone who takes care of others does so because she has no choice; she is so happy inside she just lets it overflow.

Albert currently resides in Melbourne, Australia.