Submitted by Blanca Gonzalez

blanca gonzalez is a spanish girl living in oxford. she works as an editor and writes in her spare time (but one day she'll be a full-time writer). when she is not working or writing, she is blogging at "cuttings on a blog", as well as belly dancing, taking photos, reading, watching films, and spending time with her friends.

Here are Blanca's "Five Rules For Life":

1.) Learn, learn, learn.
I love learning. Doing new things and discovering new skills really stimulates me. I love the feeling of going back to school, taking notes, and thinking about what has been said. I’m interested in lots of random stuff - from languages, to knitting, literature, cinema, development, and human rights issues. Almost anything can involve learning!

2.) Spend time on your own.
It's important to be comfortable with ourselves, and to not rely on others to define who we are. We're not only someone's partner, or someone's friend, or someone's mum/daughter; we have our own personality and it's important to keep some parts of your life to yourself. Do a course on your own, take solitary walks and take photos of what you see...enjoy your own company. I also think it's important to get to know yourself - what you like, and what you enjoy. When we spend all our time with others, we don't have time or space to listen to what we want and we end up believing that we want what others want. I’ve recently started a journal to record all the things I like, from my favourite movies or books to how I like to spend my weekends. I think this will help me to find out more about myself.

3.) Change your surroundings.
Travel is such an important thing in life. I love discovering new places, new cultures, and new languages. But I don’t have to go very far - just a change of surroundings, a day in the countryside, or a visit to a museum I've never been to will help me open my mind in different ways. It’s about leaving your comfort zone and discovering new ways of doing things.

4.) Don't take anything personally.
I do take things personally, but it was a real eye opener when I read "people are simply too busy with their own problems!" They’re not judging me, they are not talking about me, they are not thinking of how I’d react to their least not most of the time.

5.) Have fun!
Ah, yes...we tend to forget this one; I certainly do! Have fun, make the most of any situation, and laugh at yourself! Be silly, jump up and down, sing in the middle of the street, and laugh out loud!

Blanca currently resides in the United Kingdom.