Submitted by Chris Elliott

chris helps small businesses figure out what their big idea is, how to get it to market, and how to get people to notice their wonderfulness. he is also a dynamic speaker and trainer in personal growth and public speaking. you can catch him blogging at "as a dude thinketh".

Here are Chris' "Five Rules For Life":

1.) Eat the baby octopuses.
It frustrates me when dining companions turn up their noses at foods they have never tried because it "looks gross", "is slimy", or they are a "meat and potatoes person." A huge component of success is trying and learning new things, so when someone is not willing to try a new experience it says a lot about their potential for success.

2.) Shut up.
I am a firm believer that if your mouth is moving, you are not learning anything. When you dominate a conversation, you demonstrate that you will dominate the relationship. Being successful in personal and business relationships is about listening to what the other person is saying, and then responding to them without judgment.

3.) Execute.
There are millions of successful dreamers in the world, but the people that get recognized are those that execute their dream to make success happen. You don’t have to be the smartest, the wealthiest, or the most creative to be successful. You just have to take the ideas you have and turn them into actions that you execute to their completion.

4.) Be patient.
Life can sometimes put us into a frenzy where we are always trying to get more faster. This manifests itself by making us impatient, pushy, and rude. We must try to relax and realize that not everything can happen this instant, so we should enjoy the moment, be patient, and don’t try to rush life.

5.) Never stop learning.
Life is a learning adventure. We should try to capture every learning opportunity and not shut off new ideas, experiences, and adventures. We can learn from books, articles, people, classes, and experiences. When we recognize how great the adventure of life can be, every moment can be spent learning something new about the world.

Chris currently resides in Ohio.