Submitted by Andrea Towers

by day, andrea towers is a fundrasier for a religious organization and, by night and on weekends, she moonlights as an indie music promoter and amateur photographer. you can read her daily thoughts and inspirations on her blog, "a cup of chic".

Here are Andrea's "Five Rules For Life":

1.) Love thyself.
We spend our entire lives trying to please everyone who thinks we should be a certain type of person. There is no "right" or "wrong" way to be - no one else in the world is like you, so why try to be someone you're not? The sooner you let go of what other people think, the sooner you can experience the true feeling of freedom and a level of happiness that is beyond description. Friends, family and lovers can offer perspective, but the only one who can truly be happy with yourself is YOU. Once you accept that, you're on your way to truly being happy.

2.) Listen to music.
It doesn't matter what kind of music you listen to - put on your favorite CD and get lost in the world of someone else's thoughts. Music has personally saved my life and been a voice for me when I couldn't find my own. It has been an outlet and a release. Never underestimate the power words and melodies can have on you.

3.) Say "I love you" once a day.
This is a big one for me, and I adhere to it regliously. Say it to family, friends, your pet, your significant other, the sky or whoever you want. Let someone who is important in your life know that you care for them and verbalize it. You never know when three words might make a difference to someone.

4.) Make a bucket list - and work to cross as many things off as possible.
No one says that you have to include such lofty goals as "go skydiving" or "learn chinese." While you should reach as high as you can, the beauty of a bucket list is that it's uniquely personal to you - you can choose to accomplish whatever goals you feel are important, no matter how big or small.

5.) Slow down every so often and appreciate the small things.
We often get caught up in life by thinking of the bigger picture and running ourselves ragged trying to fit as much as we can into one day. But how often do we truly stop and appreciate the little things? The smell of morning coffee, savoring those 10 minutes before sunrise in the quiet on a work day, a clean apartment, thumbing through your favorite's these simple pleasures that bring balance to our busy lives and remind us that we don't always need to be perfect or constantly busy in order to live a full, happy life that we're proud of.

Andrea currently resides New York City.