Submitted by Xin Gu

xin gu is a performance coach who helps her clients achieve success. she teaches how to become a high performer, remove mental blocks and align closely with your ambitions. to learn more about optimizing your inner achiever, visit her website and subscribe to her e-newsletter.

note from Xin - "When distilling life rules, I have to generalize. This means these rules are applicable for most situations; please read them in that frame."

Here are Xin Gu's "Five Rules For Life":

1.) Seek self-knowledge.
If you know who and what you are, you will know where and how to go about your life. This is the most effective way to get to what you want. To gain self-knowledge starts with being discerning: listen to your own thoughts, be cognizant of your actions, and really feel your feelings. Whatever comes up, don’t react, just accept.

2.) Don’t react, just accept and motivate.
Negative experiences in life tend to stall us. The trick is to move on from them as fast and as effective as possible. Moving on does NOT mean to reject the bad experience, living in denial, or wallowing in it. Instead, when you encounter a negative experience, simply pause, acknowledge something bad has happened, and then find a peaceful and motivating way to move on.

3.) Be authentically successful.
If you can align what it means to be successful with your authenticity, then achieving one will allow you to achieve the other simultaneously. To be authentically successful means bringing fruition, realization and materialization to your dreams. This is a worthy goal, as this is what YOU are about.

4.) Try everything twice.
We are often too quick to judge. When we don’t like something, the impulse is to reject it. Yet, that often carries the price tag of limiting our horizon unnecessarily. One rule that works well is to try everything twice. When you don’t like something at first brush, withhold judgment, and try it again. You’ll have a much better formed opinion that reflects what you truly like or don’t like. This will be a clear road sign for you as to where to go and where not to go.

5.) Laugh.
See the humor in things, especially when you feel stressed out. Alleviating intensity allows you to be clear-headed, and therefore able to act from a place of power. One quick way to see humor in things is to simply pretend you are an observer rather than the person going through the situation. As an observer, you’ll have a much easier time to laugh at the situation. After your laugh, trust me, you’ll have renewed energy to tackle the challenge.

When you know who you are, unperturbed by negative experiences, willing to stay open, able to see the humor in things, and always align your work with your authenticity, you are bound to be successful in life.

Xin currently resides in New York City, New York.