Submitted by Avanish Sahai

avanish sahai is an entrepreneur and high-tech executive; he is the founder and a board member of carevault corporation and accelcia business services.

Here are Avanish's "Five Rules For Life":

1.) Go big or go home.
Think big ideas because that is the vision and goal that will drive you to success. And even if you only achieve 10% of a big idea, it's going to be more fun and rewarding than 100% of a small idea.

2.) Don't make the same mistake twice. Always make new ones though.
We all learn most from our mistakes - and we make more mistakes than get things right, on average. So, learn from them - don't lose heart and use them to your advantage.

3.) Follow the 80-20 rule. Always.
If you're going to sweat out every detail all the time, you're going to lose. Think 80-20 and course correct often - good enough usually is.

...editor's note - if you are not familiar with the 80-20 rule, read more about it here.

4.) Give back.
Give to charity, school, your neighborhood, your church, your family - whether you give money or time or just advice, giving back has a greater return than any financial reward you can ever envision.

5.) Take care of yourself, your family, and the environment.
We are all caretakers for the next generation; that requires thinking not just about tomorrow, but about the next generation's tomorrow and next year(s). We need to lead by example in being healthy in mind and spirit and protective of our world.

Avanish currently resides in Silicon Valley, California.