Submitted by Jim Taylor

jim taylor is the husband of lanae, the father of allison, and the chief financial officer of a software company based out of irving, texas.

Here are Jim's "Five Rules For Life":

1.) Seek balance in life.
It is easy to let one aspect of life dominate our time and mental energy. Seek balance in life by devoting cycles to family, friends, faith, career, your health, a hobby, et cetera. It all ties together.

2.) Keep it simple.
Figure out what is really important and worthwhile and then focus on those elements of your life and work. De-clutter your life and your brain...get rid of the excess baggage.

3.) Maintain your health.
We live in an age and in a country that has been duped into believing there are no consequences if we neglect or abuse our bodies. Wake up and smell the coffee (and you can even drink a little) and get busy!

4.) Go hard or go home.
Whether it is work or play, give it your best effort - every day, every time. You will sleep easy and have no regrets when you give everything your best shot.

5.) Conduct your life with honesty and integrity.
Enough said.