Submitted by Grace Kerina

grace kerina founded highly sensitive power to empower sensitive people. she's the author of the e-book "the healthy boundaries handbook" which makes learning healthy boundaries about as easy and fun as it can get, and is the creator of "daily creativity prompts" which deliver a perspective-shifting zap to the creative process.

Here are Grace's "Five Rules For Life":

1.) Cover your mouth when you sneeze.
When we commit on a cellular level to taking responsibility for our own waste, in all the ways the concept implies, we become saviours. We foster intimacy, we allow future generations to live on, and we keep our neighbours from breathing up our germs.

2.) Feed on what you're hungry for.
Our souls crave focus, not excess. We hunger for the vortex. We yearn toward topics, joys, and passions that tumble us into a world of deeper meaning. Let passion lead. Follow.

3.) Tap your own veins.
Quit waiting to be told. We embody infinities and multitudes. We know. When bombarded with the swirl of options, pressures, and rules that swarm and ebb all around us all the time, be still. Close your eyes. Tap into the deep wisdom flowing through your veins. Be big on the inside.

4). Look up.
Attitude makes a difference. To find stability, look up, not down. Take to heart Henry David Thoreau's encouragement and let the wide, breathtaking view lead: "If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put foundations under them."

5) Play anyway.
Play even if no one approves. Shrug off the armour. Turn the clock toward the wall. Jettison pretence. Frolic. Cackle. Drool. Jump. Why? Pure joy. Connection. Power beyond the merely mortal.