Submitted by David Pinto

david pinto's bio is as follows:
pastwise - son, brother, good friend, math teacher; interested in self-discipline and the emergence of social responsibility in classes.
presentwise - quit job, being of service, embodying open source principles, drawing attention to the obvious (highly under-rated skill), breathing.
futurewise - helping us realise collective ideals; anything more at:

Here are David's "Five Rules For Life":

1.) Break the rules.
In order to know where the line is, you need to cross it. Dancing around the line is where true creativity stems. It's not about being aggressive or reactionary, just playful. Look at a bunch of kids and watch how play morphs as rules are constantly being redefined. That's what happens as one grows into adolescence and adulthood. That's what is happening with us socially, as a species.

2.) Consider this thought experiment: 2020worldpeace.
This may not appear to be a rule for life, on the face of it. However, if we all play this game, then we might just be able to create the opportunity for world peace for the year 2020. And if we play that game well, when we are all old, we will have children looking to us with respect for altering the future history of mankind. Converging diversity is the greatest trick we perform.

3.) Merge friends and colleagues.
The distinction is absurd. We have mechanised ourselves in society. In my experience as a teacher, I found that kids were just people without the heavy trapping of "position" and any authority they had was invested in them by themselves alone and their peer group. Love knows no boundaries. We have a tendency to think them into existence, and then we treat each other with boundary interaction rather than the
actual confluence of intention and aspiration, and the real support of helping each other achieve our ideals. Honour parents, family, friends, colleagues, and everyone you meet. Simple.

4.) Honour your promises.
Match what you say with what you do.

5.) Experience your breath.
When it's gone, it's gone. Whatever is going on in the world, however crazy it gets, whatever games we end up playing, however hurt we are or confused or elated or inspired, your breath accompanies you. Attend to your breath, intimately, whether through contemplation, meditation, or engrossed physical exertion; this not only serves as balance throughout life, but links us all at a simple, practical, existential level.