"Previous" Featured Five Rules of The Week

The most common question I get is, "how much do I have to write?" Some people write a lot, some people write a little. A general rule of thumb is that you should provide one or two sentences to support each of your "Five Rules" in order to help us all understand why you have it as a rule.

But now and then I get submissions that are original, creative, simple, and self-explanatory. Like this one from Mark Childs.

Or this one - which is this week's "Featured Five Rules of The Week" - from Serena Hser:

serena hser is a 24-year old network engineer who enjoys drawing, painting, sculpting, and tumbling in her free time. she is obsessed with hearts, love, and robots. you can find her here.

Here are Serena's "Five Rules For Life";

Serena currently resides in San Jose, California.


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