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The Featured "Five Rules" of the Week is selected by the editor, possibly with input from random strangers. The criteria is simple - I [we] liked it.

The featured contributor for the week of January 18th, 2010 is Glen Allsopp:

glen allsopp is a full-time writer on the topic of personal development for pluginid. his life changed dramatically when he traveled across the world to south africa at age 18...he didn't know a single person but managed to work the job of his dreams and have the best year of his life.

editor's note - Glen was recently featured in The Guardian...read the article here.

Here are Glen's "Five Rules For Life":

1.) Accept what is.
One of the most difficult things to put into practice - but one of the best things I've ever stumbled upon - is the concept of accepting what is. At times we make mistakes, people anger us, or we just feel inadequate to complete a task; accept what is...you can't go back in time and change what happened so don't let negative feelings affect you right now.

What's done is done, accept the moment because now is all we ever have. This acceptance will often lead you to a place of "being the bigger person" but more importantly, it will lead you to peace.

2.) Realise you are enough.
I would love to just say "you are enough" but that wouldn't be a rule now would it? In all seriousness though, realising you are enough should give you the power to go out there and do amazing things in this lifetime. Sadly, judgements from others, self limiting beliefs, and reference points from past mistakes often make us think we can't do something...before we've even tried.

Realise (and act through this realisation) that you are enough, whether you want to have successful relationships, increase your wealth, or get lasting happiness; you don't need more things in terms of material possessions or guides to get there. When you are ready to learn, the lessons will unfold.

3.) Live authentically.
The past year while living in South Africa has changed my life. I now realise that the previous 18 years were lived without authenticity and I'll never go back to that mode. Living authentically means you:
- go for what you want in life - if you don't you are holding yourself back
- speak from a place of self, rather than ego (ego meaning trying to show off or impress others)
- are able to connect with others on a much deeper level
- find fulfilment and live without regrets

I'm trying to be a better person each day and bringing authenticity into my life is one of the steps to do that.

4.) Live in the moment.
I'm starting to feel like a broken record when I mention this point, but I only emphasise it because it's the most important "life rule" to me. Now is all there ever is. When you worry about the past you do that NOW. When you imagine situations for the future you do that NOW. Living in the moment is all about taking back control of your life, and especially your mind.

We can get so bogged down with incessant mind activity that we create internal conflict, illness, and negative emotions. I have a poster on my wall that simply says "breathe consciously". Every time I look at it I do just that. Meditation can be a great way to get into the moment if you've never heard or experienced the feeling.

5.) Be who you want to be.
To put it simply, life is too short to be living the dreams of others. What I mean is that you shouldn't be in a career, relationship, or anything else if you are doing it to please somebody else. Decide what your passions are and focus on those - if there's ever a time when what you are doing feels like work then it's possible you're on the wrong path.

This is it, this is life. No tomorrow, no yesterday. Right now, are you being who you want to be?

Glen currently resides in the United Kingdom Amsterdam.


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