Submitted by Amelin J.

amelin j. is 18 and (at the moment) a law student. she loves writing and says:

"The premise you propose is something that I keep thinking about. Should you have some rules or should you live without them? Anyway, some rules are needed - they can help you to get off society's rules. Rules are worth it if they are your OWN rules."

...editor's note - Amelin says "sorry for my English"...but, her English is great!

Here are Amelin's "Five Rules for Life":

1.) Smile.
It can be surprising how easy it is to change your outlook when you smile, even if you don't feel like doing it.

2.) Be positive.
It goes side by side with the first rule. If you are sure that things are going to happen and you act as if they will, a lot more will actually happen.

3.) Be passionate.
For me it is the most important rule, but I put it in third place because if you can't smile or you can't be positive, being passionate will be hard for you. Being passionate is loving everything you do. It means smiling a lot, dreaming the biggest you can, kissing with passion, crying when you want to, taking chances, saying what you want; in the end, being passionate is living consciously and being fearless. Being passionate is what you want it to be. It is living your own way.

4.) Be aware of your conscious.
Everything you do affects others as well as yourself. Living without a conscious will end up making you miserable. Be aware if you're giving or taking from others.

5.) Live!
Don't hesitate, don't complain about everything, be thankful, do what you want and you won't have regrets. After all, living is about being happy. That may mean crying and other things that we usually don't associate with happiness. These things make us feel alive, so don't worry if you feel miserable today - it's part of being alive and the power you have to get over it is what will make you happy.

And remember: LIVE IT YOUR OWN WAY!

Amelin currently resides in Argentina.