Submitted by Laura Holden

laura holden is 22 years old and currently studies tourism.

Here are Larua's "Five Rules For Life":

1.) Live.
It’s your life, don’t waist it. You don’t want to make up one morning and realize that you never followed your dreams. Life is too short to say "I’ll do it tomorrow" or "I’ve got plenty of time to do that". Be happy now, because you will not get a second chance.

2.) Love.
Don’t be afraid to love. I’d rather be heartbroken than never to have loved.

3.) Feel.
Follow your feelings - only your heart knows what you need. The key to happiness isn’t to always be happy and smiling all the time. If you feel like crying, go ahead and cry. Allow yourself to feel what you feel. But if you tend to be sad all the time, try this instead: you’ve got five minutes - and only five minutes - to be sad, angry or whatever other feeling isn’t happy. Cry all you want, but when those five minutes are over, breathe, smile and be happy.

4.) Don’t make decisions when you’re angry.
You can destroy everything you’ve been working for if you act when you’re angry. Breathe, smile and wait - if you do, you’ll realize that you aren`t so angry about what happend...or it may just fix itself.

5.) Be who you want to be.
The people that love you will accept you just the way you are. So, for them, just be yourself.

Laura currently resides in Valdoviño, Galicia, Spain.