Submitted by Dave Taylor

dave taylor is widely recognized as an expert on both technical and business issues. he has been published over a thousand times, launched four internet-related startup companies, and has written twenty books. you can find him online here.

Here are Dave's "Five Rules For Life":

1.) Always give more than you expect to get back.
This is just as true in business as it is in everyday life and your social relationships.

2.) Take the time to listen, and break the habit of interrupting people.
They'll say more, you'll hear more, and you'll find life is easier.

3.) Be honest and upstanding.
It all comes back around.

4.) Laugh, have fun, and smile a lot.
It's okay to tell dumb jokes too; laughter is indeed the icing on the cake.

5.) Don't take other people's lists too seriously.
I mean, come on! :-)

David currently resides in Boulder, Colorado.