Submitted by David Quilty

david quilty is the creator and author of the good human, a website that encourages people to be better humans through working to clean up the environment, being active in political issues, and being more aware of one's life and surroundings.

...editor's note #1 - I am a fan of The Good Human; I read it daily and learn something just as often. I encourage everyone to subscribe to it...taking care of the environment and making the world a better place should be a priority for us all.

Here are David's "Five Rules For Life":

1.) Slow down.
It took me years of corporate hustle to see the important things I was missing in my life and to make the changes I knew were necessary to be happy.

2.) Challenge yourself.
Learn how to play the guitar. Take up dancing. Conquer your fear of heights. Nothing is worse than staying within your comfort level, which is something I struggle with every day.

3.) Consider the world as a whole.
Once you start seeing the entire world as a living, breathing system, it's easier to do your part to help out and consider your fellow man. If you only see your neighborhood, you are missing out on the big picture.

4.) Love well.
Family, wife, husband, kids, pets - just love well. If you are in an unhealthy situation, do something to fix it. Not loving well is just a waste of time.

5.) Have integrity.
Stand up for your honor and beliefs, but hear what others have to say before judging them. Integrity goes a long way towards drawing people towards you.

...editor's note #2 - David includes the following tagline in his email correspondence..."Please consider the environment before printing this email"; simple advice we can all incorporate immediately.

David currently resides in Santa Fe, New Mexico.