Submitted by Mike Mills

mike mills is a professional in the aviation industry; he is a husband and father of two.

Here are Mike's "Five Rules For Life":

1.) Put God first.
This rule changed my life. There are so many principles in life to learn from the teachings of the Bible. If you open your mind and your heart to Jesus you will be amazed at what can happen in your life. In Him you will find hope in all situations.

2.) Treat others with love, patience, and respect.
Most of us are taught this from a very early age, but few actually do it; it is one of the most difficult principles to grasp. It begins with a love of ourselves and extends outward to our family, friends, and all those we encounter in our daily lives. The world would be a much better place if we all did this.

3.) Work hard in everything you do.
Work hard and be passionate about everything you do - whether it is spirituality, relationships, your job, hobbies - whatever you are devoted to in your daily life. Live it, learn it, and embrace it. If it's not worth working hard for, it's probably not worth doing.

4.) Life is not about possessions.
Do not put your faith in the things of this world (see #1!). I have found - up to this point in my life - it is not possible for me to do this completely. Nor do I believe it will ever be possible or feasible to do it completely. However, we must realize that all earthly things are not everlasting. There is only one everlasting, and all of our worldly possessions are irrelevant to Him. I am amazed daily by how much we depend and obsess over the most mundane things.

5.) Get out and enjoy the day.
Get outside - walk, run, bike, take the kids (or dog) to the park, put something on the grill; do anything that involves you being outside the confines of a house, office, car, et cetera. Put your feet in the grass with the sky above you. Whether it be hot, cold, raining or snowing (within reason of course) - your body needs a daily dose so get to the great outdoors. Find a good place to get away.