Submitted by Leah Armstrong and Caralee Gurney

leah armstrong is currently a stay-at-home mother with two extraordinary children, and formally a successful software salesperson with the uncanny ability to stretch into pretzel shapes.

...editor's note - and a person with a wonderful sense of humor!

Here are Leah's "Five Rules For Life":

1.) Spend less time worrying about who is right and more time about what is right.

2.) Buy things local and always take the opportunity to buy something a child has made.
Entrepreneurship never starts too early and our country depends on it.

3.) When you see something wrong - even in public - stand up to the situation.
Don't accept others being discriminated against, don't facilitate others being taken advantage of, and don't settle for someone demeaning anyone who matter how seemingly unimportant the job.

4.) Be there when people need you.

5.) Teach children to respect elders, savings, and their parents; and PLEASE teach them the right way to use technology in public!
No texting while eating with family, carry your cell phone in your pocket/purse - not in your hand to show off, never e-mail or post indecent pictures to the Internet (they never go away), and don't give small children handheld games and DVDs to "keep them busy" while in public...just teach them manners and patience. You can do it and they can too.


caralee gurney is director of marketing for boys & girls clubs of collin county; she is a wife and mother and likes to live life to the fullest!

Here are Caralee's "Five Rules For Life":

1.) Put God in the center of every decision every day.
I recently read a forwarded email that discussed verses in Psalm 119. The very center verse of the Bible refers to God being in the middle of everything!

2.) Always look for the positive during the worst of circumstances.
Find a way to say something funny about it. Your spirits will definitely be lifted!

3.) Don't purchase what you can't afford.

4.) Make time each day for the three R's.
Reflect, relax, and rejuvenate...a tired body and mind is worthless.

5.) Make others feel good about themselves.
It will make you feel good too!

Leah currently resides in Minnesota; Caralee currently resides in Texas.