Submitted by Jason Seiden

jason seiden is the author of "how to self-destruct: making the least of what's left of your career".

Here are Jason's "Five Rules For Life":

1.) Laughter - the kind that is infused with love - is always OK.
During the funeral for a friend's father, my friend started telling stories about her dad. These were her favorite stories, and many were quite funny. It didn't dull the pain, it didn't diminish the solemnity of the moment, and it didn't reflect poorly on her. To the contrary - her ability to make us laugh humanized the event; she connected us with what was most important and infused us with a sense of love and compassion.

2.) Schadenfreude is a spiritual carcinogen.
If you do not laugh with a sense of compassion, but a sense of derision instead, you are killing your soul. Schadenfreude in all of it's forms - rubbernecking, degrading others, confusing your own victory with another's defeat - is a spiritual carcinogen.

...editor's note - if you are not familiar with the term "schadenfreude", read more about it here.

3.) Money is never the measure of the man.
Money does not change what is in your heart. It does, however, amplify it and make it easier for others to see.

4.) Intentions don't matter.
Shut up and do. More. And while you're at it, remember that if your actions are not helpful to others, then you are not being helpful to others no matter how you feel in your heart. If you want to act, prioritize your passions.

5.) We are angels on an extreme vacation.
The whole idea of extreme vacations is to put yourself in a position where you must confront and overcome your limited abilities. That's also what life is about. There is no shame, no danger, and no problem in being imperfect - that is expected. Only fearing our imperfections is a problem.

Jason currently resides in Chicago, Illinois.