Submitted by Edmond Wu

edmond wu is a young serial entrepreneur; he has started several businesses including a coffee shop, web start-up, and web consulting boutique. he is now pursuing his passion of trading and economic studies as a trader and part-time graduate student.

Here are Edmond's "Five Rules For Life":

"I haven’t lived a long life but I think sometimes it’s good to realize that life is pretty simple if we don’t get caught up in the chaos of it."

1.) Put your health first.
Take care of your body and it will take care of you. Even if you have the biggest treasures and most comforting love in the world, life is worthless if you are not healthy enough to enjoy it.

2.) Smile and laugh relentlessly.
The easiest way to be happy is to start everything with a smile. And the best way to end anything is with a good laugh.

3.) Do your best.
If you are doing something, put all your effort into it. That is all anyone can ask of you and that is success in itself.

4.) Dream more dreams.
Don’t let your imagination let you down. Dreams always start from nothing; life is only as vast as you think it is. Don’t be afraid to dream and go after those dreams. And life isn’t much without passion - we can fix mistakes but we can't fix regret.

5.) Fear less and do more.
Sometimes we have to stop listening to all the "buts", "what-ifs", and excuses. Close your eyes, have faith, and just do it. For all I know, I only have one life on earth.

Edmond currently resides in Los Angeles, California.