Submitted by Jordan Silva

jordan silva is a systems administrator and author of the website think smarter, where he shares tips, tricks, and hacks to get technology working for you.

Here are Jordan's "Five Rules For Life":

1.) Ask for what you want.
Nothing in life wastes more time than hinting towards something, but never coming out and asking for it. If you want a raise, tell your boss you want a raise - and give him a reason to give you one. If you want a favor, ask for the favor - but it is a waste of your time and the person who you are asking if you beat around the bush.

2.) Computers are logical and obedient - people are not.
Computers are built to be logical and do as they are told without question. They are "1s and 0s", "On or Off", "Black or White" - there are no shades of gray in how a computer works. People are the exact opposite and need to be treated as such. People have emotion and have a personality. You can yell and scream at a computer, and nothing will change - it will keep working for you; a person will not.

3.) Work hard and play hard.
Working hard is important. There are few things in life that give a person greater fulfillment than having a job they truly love. Work hard and be proud of your accomplishments, but don't burn yourself out. You will not be an effective person if you are miserable, so always take some time to relax. Go lay out on the beach, see a concert or movie - do whatever it is you do to unwind and do it often.

4.) Remember where you came from.
Never forget the sacrifices and hard work of others who helped you get where you are. They are the building blocks of your life, and your success is their success. Appreciate what they have done for you, and if you get the chance pay it back and pay it forward. The world is a better place when people help each other.

5.) When hard work, asking nicely, and playing by the rules don't work....take what you want.
Never be afraid to go after what it is you want. Being a kind a loyal person will get you far in life, but sometimes you need to step up and take what it is you want. Do not be afraid to do this.

...editor's note - I believe Jordan means "take what you want" in the "just do it" sense, not in the "armed robbery" sense!

Jordan currently resides in Honolulu, Hawaii.