Submitted by Leigh Anne Bartlett

leigh anne bartlett is a full-time mother to her two children; she volunteers, travels, and loves spending time with family. her claim to fame is that she was awarded the "disney spirit award" by the walt disney co. (it's one of the highest awards you can receive under their employment).

Here are Leigh Anne's "Five Rules For Life":

1.) Use good manners.
Kindness goes a long way in both work and social life. In most cases good manners will get you want you want while making others feel that they're being respected.

2.) Use good grammar.
Again, this goes a long way in both work and social life. Contrary to popular belief, the word "at" is never appropriate at the end of a sentence.

3.) Own it.
Never blame anyone for your own failures. Either you win or your learn.

4.) Make it a priority to leave people feeling much better about themselves after having spent time with you.
This goes for family, friends, and coworkers (be sincere of course!).

5.) Surround yourself with the great kind of people who apply numbers 1-4.
Enough said!

Leigh Anne currently resides in San Diego, California.