Submitted by Tere Arigo

tere arigo is a 23 year old life lover and photography enthusiast. she develops websites and software as a day job, and in her spare time she loves to sketch, paint, photograph, write, and travel.

...editor's note - Tere maintains a great tumblelog where she shows off her photographs and other creative efforts; I check it daily.

Here are Tere's "Five Rules For Life":

1.) Find your passion.
Find out what you are passionate about in life and nurture it. It doesn't matter if it's just a hobby or even a job. You won't be truly satisfied with a job if you are not passionate about it. I find the happiest of people are the ones who pursued their passions in life. After all, there's nothing more rewarding and fulfilling than doing what you love most.

2.) Love.
Love gives life more meaning. Feel it, share it, give it away. Set aside the fear of getting hurt because this is such a short and fragile life to not experience the passion of loving and being loved.

3.) You don't have to be strong all the time.
Most of the time people try and pretend so hard to be strong. Who made the rule that you can't be weak sometimes? Just pretending to be strong doesn't make you strong and sometimes it gets more frustrating. It's okay to breakdown or feel weak once in awhile and it's okay to admit it hurts.

4.) Walk away.
It is not easy to give up something. But there are just things in life that we need to let go of. It it makes you feel bad, if it hurts, if it's unfair, if it's against your principles, if you hate it, if it's wrong - find the courage to walk away from it. It will be hard but you have to at least try. Remember that you always have a choice on what stays and goes in your life.

5.) You deserve to be happy.
There are so many books out there that give advice on how you can achieve happiness, love, contentment, and a lot more. But one thing holds true - you control, you choose, and you decide what will make you truly happy. So have courage to make the choices that will make it come true and go for it!

Tere currently resides in the Philippines.