Submitted by Deena Rafferty

deena rafferty is a mom (to dogs), wife, friend, sister, boss, and that girl you probably don't think twice about (editor's note - her words!).

Here are Deena's "Five Rules For Life":

1.) Don't "lend" anyone money.
If you have it to give, do so. But don't strain the relationship by calling it a loan. You'll be surprised how many people will repay you anyway.

2.) Get comfortable being alone.
If you don't enjoy your company, there is probably a reason.

3.) The "right" thing to do is often the hardest.
Do it anyway.

4.) You don't have to know what you want to be...
But you should figure out what you don't want to be. Sometimes that's easier.

5.) Say thank you.
The person who bags your groceries, the spouse who cleans the dishes, the stranger who holds the door - they'll all notice and appreciate it.

Deena currently resides in Grayslake, Illinois.