Submitted by Kristi Miceli

kristi miceli has three great kids - ages 18, 14, and 5. she is a writer, life coach, wife, mom, daughter, life-long student, musician, and artist. she and her husband bought 11 acres and got to fulfill a lifelong dream of owning horses!

Here are Kristi's "Five Rules For Life":

1.) Nurture a healthy inner life.
We all have an inner life - some more expansive than others - and it's so worth the effort to steer you thoughts and attitudes towards the river of positivity, rather than getting mired in the swamp of negativity.

2.) Be grateful daily.
Towards others, towards yourself, and towards your Creator. Gratefulness - when sowed generously - reaps a harvest of happy hearts. Give it a try!

3.) Appreciate the little things.
A bunch of good "little things" strung together are like little lights that glow along the path of your life, brightening even the darkest of moments.

4.) Don't forget to gather.
We don't need each other to live, we need each other thrive!

5.) Express yourself.
We all have lovely things inside ourselves that need to be extended to the world around us. I believe we were created to create! Self-expression is our gift back to the Creator and it's empowering, satisfying, and really great therapy! String Christmas lights in your bedroom, plant a container garden, put on some music and dance around, write a note/email to someone and decorate it with stickers just for fun! Being creative is contagious.

Kristi currently resides in East Tennessee.