Submitted by John Biasutti

john biasutti is an engineer working in the construction, chemicals, oil and gas, and petrochemical industries.

Here are John's "Five Rules For Life":

1.) Be honest (honesty).
Keeping track of falsehoods is more work in the long run.

2.) Be humble (integrity).
Always promise less than you can give - this way you never disappoint. Never promise what is not possible, this way lies madness.

3.) Be competent (expertise).
Finish everything completely - a task half done is worse than a task not started as it robs you of time.

4.) Do not delay (alacrity).
Deal with tasks immediately - delay will lead to further complications with less time to sort them out.

5.) Do not hide (openness).
Secrets will rob you of time and rob you of trust. Let others know what you know, then they can help.

These rules were found by not following them.

John currently resides in Australia.