Submitted by David Jones

david jones is a husband, a father, and a father-in-law. you can find him at control yourself!, his blog focusing on becoming a better man, and various men's issues.

Here are David's "Five Rules For Life":

1.) Be the best Christian I can be.
Typically, I fail miserably at this one. I will never be able to reach the bar where God sets it. Fortunately, because of Christ, I don't have to. Jesus bridges the gap between where I am and where God, in His perfect goodness, demands that I be.

2.) Love my wife.
My wife is my best friend. Every day I get up and I make a conscious decision to love her. It is a choice -- and one that I gladly make every day. The love that I have for her goes far beyond feelings. The love that we share is mutual. The love that we
share is strong. The love that we share is forever.

3.) Love others.
The golden rule applies. Always treat others the way you'd like to be treated. Give your time to others. Give your knowledge to others. Give money, from your abundance, to others.

4.) Quickly forgive others.
When we have hurt someone, and are remorseful, we want to be forgiven. We want to know that things are okay between us and the one we hurt. But what about the person who was hurt? Does forgiveness help them? Absolutely! If you forgive, you are giving up your desire to punish the one who hurt you. If you don't forgive, you will be ruled by those feelings of hurt and anger. Let it go. Forgive the offender. You
will feel better.

5.) Never stop self-education.
Education is not a destination; it should be a continuous journey.
A. Read.
B. Discuss what you read with people who have more knowledge of the subject than
you do.
C. Repeat.

David currently resides in Southern West Virginia.