Submitted by Matt Corker

matt corker is a ubc alumnus who lives life on a backbeat and has an serious addiction to bold ideas and strong communities. he regularly blogs at "that's a corker" and is the "champion of community" for nomosolo.

Here are Matt's "Five Rules For Life":

1.) Say please and thank you.
I agree with The SuperForest Humanifesto when it says that these three words will save the human race. Some may chalk this up as having good manners, while others could categorize it as being respectful, having compassion, or showing gratitude. Those three words encapsulate all of that for me.

2.) Make positive changes.
Simply stated, it is our responsibility to leave this world a better place than when we first arrived.

3.) Invest in people.
Put your energy, time, and money into developing great leaders and citizens. No other investment will ever provide a greater return than this one does.

4.) Be an explorer.
Discover new ideas, landscapes, and yourself.

5.) Enjoy it.
No elaboration needed.

Matt currently resides in Vancouver, BC, Canada.