Submitted by Mr. Self Development

mr. self development is a motivational author who teaches a practical guide to success and wealth. visit him at "mr. self" - you can subscribe to his feed or read one of his most popular articles, "how i manifested a seven bedroom home at 24".

Here are Mr. Self Development’s "Five Rules For Life":

1.) Follow your passion.
Nothing great has ever been achieved without passion! Passion is what gives you the strength to overcome the obstacles which block success. Passion is the fuel that will take you to your destination. Every successful person has discovered their passion, and they’re following it.

2.) Never give up.
Nothing worth achieving is ever going to be easy. To become your best is going to take commitment, discipline, dedication, hard work, and a "no-give-up" attitude. So never give up - through perseverance the turtle reached the ark.

3.) Have faith.
You must believe in your ability to succeed. The famous poem is true, "If you think you’re outclassed, you are, you must think high to rise, you must be sure of yourself, before you will ever win a prize." You must be the biggest fan in your fan club; you must believe in "you" more than anyone else.

4.) Visualize your success daily.
Napoleon Hill said "whatever the mind can conceive and believe, you have the ability to achieve." You must see your success in your mind daily. If you can consistently hold thoughts of success, you will begin to believe that it’s possible for you. Once you believe it’s possible, you will begin to take the actions that will make those thoughts a reality.

5.) Keep a balanced life.
Success in life means having a balanced life. Always keep your life in balance, don’t work so hard on your career that your family falls apart. Define what success is for you, and be sure to work towards that image, every single aspect of that image, from financial success to family success.

Mr. Self Development currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia.