Submitted by Nicole Watkins

nicole is enjoying the joys and challenges of being a new mum. she has started her own blog (fun, love, and adventures), hoping she can help people too. she will be commencing a psychology degree in july in hobart, australia.

Here are Nicole's "Five Rules For Life":

1.) It's the things that make you nervous that you probably should do.
I always find that the things that make me feel nervous - like going to the dentist, meeting new people, going to an interview - are the things that provide me with the greatest rewards. Getting out of my comfort zone is a thing I try to do at least daily. It's the best way to grow and find my true potential.

2.) Laugh every day.
It really is the best medicine. While laughing uncontrollably nothing else matters...problems don't exist. You are truly in the moment and everything is perfect. I keep a list of things that have made me laugh for reference when I'm feeling a little down - movies, books, comments, pictures, games, etc.

3.) Question everything.
Don't just accept what you are told. What's right for someone else might not be right for you. I don't know at what age we lose that curiosity that we are born with, but we need to find it again. Learn something new every day.

4.) Practice gratitude.
I know everyone says it and that's because it's true. Since having my baby I have never been more grateful. If you and your loved ones have your health then nothing else really matters. Everything else can be fixed. There really are alot of people who would kill to be in your fantastic position in life, no matter how bad you might think it is.

5.) You can't move on to the good stuff by holding onto the rubbish of your past.
I'm adding this one as it's the one I struggle with the most. Lose the fear of the unknown, you've survived before, you'll do it again!

Nicole currently resides in Bruges, Belgium.