Submitted by Salmaaan Shah

salmaaan shah is a 15-year old high school student. you can find him on the internet here and here, and salmaaan says:

"when i get sad, i stop being sad and be happy instead."

Here are Salmaaan's "Five Rules for Life":

1.) Have a goal in life!
Stop dreaming about now and try to plan the future. Decide what you really want in life. And make sure it is well-defined. Only well-defined goals can be achieved.

2.) Define who you are.
Design the person who you want to be. Build in your characters. Work to bring this person to life within yourself. If you are not the person you want to be than you will have to change yourself.

3.) Do what you must.
Do what you must and not what you want to do. The real conquerer acts on fact or logic and not on will.

4.) Keep your promises.
Always keep your promises. Be a man of your word. And stick to the your promises.

5.) Aim for excellence.
Aim for excellence and you will naturally get success. Excellence is static. Success is relative.

Salmaan currently resides in Bangalore, India.