Submitted by Abigail W.

abi is a fifteen year old girl who would love to live in new york. she says her rules apply to anyone who wants to read them, but she has mainly based them on people near her age group (purely because that's what she knows best).

Here are Abi's "Five Rules for Life":

1.) Play the "Glad Game".
I learned this from watching a film called "Polyanna" a few years back. When you have done something you regret or are just having a bad day in general, think of something glad that has come from it. For example, although you may have lost all of your unsaved work from your laptop, be glad that you can even afford a laptop.

2.) Do what you want, not what others think you should do.
This rule does come along with exceptions. For example, this rule does not apply if you are stressed and feel like you might hit the nearest object - or person - for that matter. But if you are filling in a college application and your parents have planned out your life for you, tell them - nicely of course - that it is your life and you will choose what you want to do.

3.) Don't get embarrassed.
This is a rule that I am still battling with. I share a house with two awfully cringe-worthy parents and, although she'll deny it, an equally embarrassing sister. But I love them, and for that, (as cliche as this sounds) I wouldn't have them any other way.

4.) Eat what you want to.
As a self-consious teenage girl, I am fully aware of the impact that glossy magazines and adverts can have on somebody. But, in this world, there's at least one person that loves you. Now think about how much you must mean to them. I'm sure that they wouldn't have you any other way, aren't you? Now go eat that packet of cookies you've been craving all day.

5.) Smile often.
It's the key to a healthy heart.

Abi lives on the outskirts of London.