Submitted by Daniel Crandall

daniel crandall traveled around the world before age 40. he is director of sales for latitude world tours where he manages custom "dubai and oman" tours, custom "latin america" tours, and soon to be added "off-the-beaten-path mexico cultural tours".

Here are Daniel's "Five Rules For Life":

1.) Do it before it's too late.
Take a chance for something or someone you love before you think "the right time" will come. On the material level, for example, if this stock market crash teaches you anything it is that if you have resources to pursue a dream now, go for it; you don't know what lies around the bend.

2.) Appreciate death.
Remember that bully in school? He ruled the playground out of fear. Without fear, what was he? Don't let the ultimate fear rob you of what you have now - life! Appreciate death, and you'll appreciate life more. One place to start is Julian Barnes' new book (a New York Times top ten selections for 2008) "Nothing to Be Frightened Of".

3.) See the world.
Break down the borders by crossing them. Experience life. Like the axiom "Act to Know," travel to know. You might think you are traveling to see other cultures and other countries, but what you will really find if you travel is yourself. And while you're doing it, remember the saying, "there is no way to happiness, happiness is the way." It makes missing that train to Belgrade a little easier to swallow.

4.) Don't settle.
A girlfriend once told me her guiding star in life was "don't settle" and it instantly stuck. Maybe she was unconsciously warning herself about me! But no matter, it's true - have a vision of what you want and hold true to it the very best you can.

5.) It's all about attitude.
In sales - my profession - the good ones realize it's not all about product knowledge, urgency, or the best closing lines - it's about your attitude. It's like attitude can be the cup of life, holding all of your realized potential...or it can the leaky roof, and get you soaked. Don't be all wet - realize a positive attitude makes everything good in life possible.