Submitted by Aaron

aaron is a 28-year old investment banker and a hopeless romantic who believes that the right partner is one you can spend hours with in the same room without uttering a word, yet feel completely connected. he's also an aspiring golfer and writer, a novice stock trader, and wishes to experience the aurora borealis and visit bora bora before he forgets how to pronounce them.

Here are Aaron's "Five Rules For Life":

1.) Curiosity does not kill the cat.
I once wrote a paper in college with the same title, advocating the concept of idle curiosity. The gist of my paper revolved around the idea of using one's alone time to reflect, be idle, and ask questions on anything and everything (which ultimately led to technological advancement and innovations). The idea of idle curiosity opposes the notion that "an idle mind is a devil's workshop". I wish to humanize the concept of idle curiosity by applying it to my everyday life. Taking time to be curious, being inquisitive, and reflecting on what we discover will allow us to understand things better. By doing so, I believe we can become more thoughtful, considerate, kind, compassionate, and a whole lot smarter.

2.) Action speaks louder than words.
This is self-explanatory. How many times have we made promises to ourselves and others only to fail in fulfilling those promises? How many New Year's resolutions have we actually realized? How often do we "practice what we preach"? It's easy to talk, but we should walk the talk - or not talk at all.

3.) Leave procrastination at the door.
Once we decide to do something, just do it. We procrastinate for a number of reasons - we think we have lots of time, maybe it's something we don't particularly enjoy doing, or we expect someone else to do it and so we wait. The way I see it, if we have something that needs to be done, get it done and over with. If it's something that requires time and thought, carry out #1 and #2 above. Whatever it is, do anything but procrastinate...and never ever wait to say "I'm sorry".

4.) Love unconditionally (including yourself).
I'm anything but pious but I do know the Bible says, "love thy neighbor as thyself". If you are too hard on yourself, if you can't forgive yourself for your past mistakes, if you do not take care of your heart and constantly let it get hurt, if you are just generally unhappy with yourself - how will you be able to fully love and give your best to another? How will you be able to share your happiness with someone else? Love your partner the same way you would like to be loved in return.

5.) Take the road less traveled.
Never allow anyone - including society - to dictate who you will be in life. There is no hard and fast rule to follow and certainly there isn't only one route to your destination. Life is a journey, even if the journey means going against society's norms (within reason of course); pursue your dreams and passions and follow your heart. It is you who is living your life, not your teacher, your friend, your siblings, your partner...and definitely not your parents. No one has the right to say what's right or wrong because no one knows. Give it a go, and if things don't work out you will never have to say you didn't try. Take chances, take calculated and informed risks, and take the road less traveled.

...editor's note - Aaron made some great comments I wanted to share because I think everyone who takes the time to write and submit their "Five Rules" has a similar experience:

" has made me think of what I really want to do with my life, what my passions are and where I would like to be 5, 10, or even 20 years from now. However, I've realized that I really need to get going now if I intend to reach my destination. The 5 rules are NOT rules that I currently adhere to, but rather, rules that (after much thought and deliberation) I wish to adhere to, and strive to implement in my life. I guess your hope that people will "visit the site often and every time they do, they find something that will benefit their life or at the very least something that will make them think" has come true. I'm one of the many who can attest to that!"

Aaron currently resides in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.