Submitted by Amy Willison

amy willison is a graduate student, teacher, traveler, part-time blogger, and a heck of a lot of fun.

Here are Amy's "Five Rules For Life":

1.) If it's ugly avoid it.
This applies to everything from manners to personal taste in home decor. Either way, surround yourself with beauty as we tend to be a mirror of our environment. This is somewhat subjective, for example garden gnomes fall under the category of personal taste. Kindness, patience, and a sense of humour are universally beautiful.

2.) Travel; if you can’t afford it, armchair travel.
Do it with an open mind and an open heart. Travel to find differences, travel to find similarities - but above all travel so you don’t fear the unknown.

3.) Create your own tribe.
Find people who need you and who you need (be careful in the selection process). Always be looking to add to your tribe...who knows, maybe one day all of our tribes will touch. Always be open to loving new people.

4.) The big stuff really isn’t that complicated.
Simplify everything and you will find the truth or the lie. Life tosses some big things at us no doubt; sometimes it seems like too much - but it’s all just stuff.

5.) Make your own rules, but be willing to change them.
There are many wonderful thoughts and rules to live by. Sometimes we will break our own steadfast rules, and that's okay. Just figure out why and go from there.

...editor's note - you can find Amy's blog here.

Amy currently resides in Ontario, Canada.