Submitted by Kateřina Brodská

kateřina brodská is a student of history of art, a very curious person, and a beginning interviewer/blogger (visit her website here).

Here are Kateřina's "Five Rules For Life":

1.) Be totally honest with yourself.
Ask yourself often about your feelings, your thoughts, your fears, your plans, and your happiness. Pay attention to your answers and act on them with love and respect towards yourself. Lying to yourself, ignoring your feelings, or not wanting to admit something to yourself is a bad idea that doesn't work in the long run. Seek the truth and see the truth.

2.) Don’t worry about what people will think.
People are probably less judgmental than you think, or too busy to even notice what you are doing. And if they are the kind of people ready to pass unsolicited advice and judgment at every occasion, their opinion should not mean much to you anyway. Be very careful and selective about those you listen to...think about why their opinion should matter to you and in what instance.

3.) Pick and mix your beliefs and lifestyle.
What you have been taught about the world and the way of doing things needn’t be - and probably isn’t - the best way of seeing and doing things for YOU. There is no real reason why the belief system or the way of life that your particular culture and society considers "normal" should be flawlessly perfect for you. Think about what really suits you in your lifestyle and belief system, and keep that part; kick out everything that doesn’t suit you. When in doubt, experimenting is the quickest way to find out.

4.) Experiment with your life all the time.
Being curious and open-minded, asking "what if?", and experimenting with any area of your own life can only do you good. It can take you to places you can’t imagine. It can help you find out what you really love and what you are passionate about...what gives you energy and what makes you feel incredible. It shows you what works and what doesn’t work for you - and that is worth knowing.

5.) Spend some time with nature and the arts.
Nature and the arts both bring new and wonderful dimensions to our life. Going for a walk in the woods, sitting by the lake, gardening, watching animals in the wild or at a zoo, spending some quality time with your pet, exploring art, making art...these are all calming, relaxing, and uplifting. They help you to refocus and reconnect.

Kateřina currently resides in Bordeaux, France.