Submitted by Jamie Allison

jamie allison is an educator, athlete, wife, mother, and entrepreneur. she is the founder and ceo of "moms in motion"; "moms in motion" helps women simplify their lives by combining fun, fitness, and philanthropy all in one organized group. teams are typically 10-12 weeks long, end with a culminating event, and encompass a wide range of sports.

Here are Jamie's "Five Rules For Life":

1.) Connect with nature.
When I take a half hour or more to center myself in nature, I feel grounded, tended too, nurtured, and ready to start my day fully present. I take joy in the changes of the season, the smells, the sounds, the new bulbs and buds breaking through the soil. Nature settles my spirit and sets me up for the type of day I need and want it to be.

2.) Keep life fresh! Center yourself around smart, talented, interesting, open-minded, creative, and downright good people.
In business and in my personal life, these are the people I try to center myself around so I can constantly grow and learn from those who possess skills or talents that I wish I had. Knowing my weaknesses - especially in business - means it is critical that I bring people on board to fill the gap. Learning from friends and colleagues who share your same values, work ethic, and standards of life is not only enriching and exciting but vital to continued personal and professional growth.

3.) Be the best person you know how to be.
My grandfather was known throughout his home town as a man of integrity. I love that! When he said he would do something, he did it. He was polite, honest, and treated people with respect. In all realms of life, how you conduct yourself speaks volumes. I think of him often and do my best on a daily basis to remember his graceful ways. On my desk I have a sticky note that reads "Show up, follow up and follow through" as a constant reminder of how important it is to do my best each day.

4.) Follow your intuition.
So many times I have ignored this gut feeling, swayed by charismatic "bull dogs." I have learned to pay attention to that voice, or the physical tensing of my body shouting out warning signs. Trusting your inner-voice and physical response to certain situations - even when you can’t put your finger on it - has been one of the keys to my success. Unlearning the "pleaser" phenomenon, learning to say "no" or "yes" only when it meets your needs equally, setting boundaries, speaking your truth, sharing your desires, clarifying what you don’t understand, sitting on decisions, making sure your ideas are being heard...all are important essentials to have in place so you are clear and can hear your intuition and properly act on it.

5.) Jump!
Sometimes we get so stumped over-thinking an opportunity that we start spinning and end up with nothing. For two years, I wanted to approach another company offering a strategic partnership opportunity. I hesitated because I didn’t think we were "big" enough or that our website was developed enough. On a run with a friend, I shared this secret dream of mine, and she stopped mid-stride and said, "What are you waiting for? Write the proposal!" That week I sent the proposal off and after months of negotiations we are on the homestretch of securing an incredible international partnership. Two years of spinning vs. one week of writing out your ideas and clicking the send button...lesson learned! Jump!