Submitted by Praxis22

praxis22 is a geek and amateur economics wonk living in the united kingdom; follow his writing on livejournal here.

Here are Praxis22's "Five Rules For Life":

1.) Know thyself. You are little and clumsy and need love.
I can't claim it as mine, it comes from the book "Anvil of the Stars"
by Greg Bear. But it resonated, and I thought it so important that I
had it tattooed to my arm so I would never forget.

2.) Maintain a "simple faith" in life.
It's easy to get discouraged, but the sun will come out tomorrow, and
every storm clears the air. The processes of life are vast, and you
are wrapped up in them...have faith. Gaze at the rainbows, jump in the

3.) To thine own self be true.
It is not a sin to seek happiness for yourself, even when larger
forces seem to pull you back and block you at every turn. Only you
can decide what is right for you - the reasons "why" don't matter.

4.) Read the Desiderata.
There is something for every waking moment in it. Read it to remind
yourself of what it means to be alive. "Be careful, strive to be

...editor's note - if you are not familiar with the Desiderata, read more about it here.

5.) Listen.
Leave your Walkman at home. Walk out into the world and immerse
yourself in it. It's sights and it's sounds. Pay attention, look up
and down. You'll be surprised what you hear, and the amount of loose
change you'll find on the pavement.