Submitted by Nina Braten

nina braten is a writer, blogger, yogi, and aspiring artist. she writes for the boston examiner and muses daily in her personal blog, naturally nina.

Here are Nina's "Five Rules For Life":

1.) Ask for what you want.
Whether it's an upgrade to first class on an airplane or a compliment you are dying to hear, you will be continually surprised at the wonderful things that come from merely asking.

2.) Don't ever get a Brazilian bikini wax.
Even though you may feel sexier (for about a week), it is not worth the torture.

3.) Remember that everyone poops, even Barack Obama and Oprah.
Think about it, and you'll start to view everyone as human - just like you. And realize that you, too, are capable of incredible achievement.

4.) Loving someone fully and wholly means loving them exactly as they are today.
You can't change someone because you wouldn't want someone to change you - right?

5.) Dancing (no matter what you look like) will almost always make you feel better.
I highly recommend "The Robot" because you won't be able to stop yourself from laughing.

Nina currently resides in Boston, Massachusetts.