Submitted by Sheena Rivera

sheena rivera is a 23-year old writer; she documents her life, the city she lives in, and the artists and things that she loves here.

Here are Sheena's "Five Rules For Life":

1.) Offer value.
I've noticed that the people I most admire have one quality in common - they offer value to those around them. Share your knowledge and your good fortune. Remember that those who offer value are often offered value in return.

2.) Accept reward.
Accept reward when it is due. Some of us are so philanthropic, we forget to take care of ourselves. Expect payment as normalcy not novelty. There isn't anything wrong with it or with you for wanting it. Recognise your worth and accept reward. Accept compliments. Accept that you are a gift. Accept graciously.

3.) Give thanks.
Being grateful is the most important thing I have ever learned. When I first started being grateful for everything I had (or didn't have), I realised how lucky and blessed I was. I noticed that everyday something good happened to me. Give thanks for each moment, take note of each person's kindness, and appreciate what you have in your life. It will rescue you from feeling overwhelmed.

4.) Collect beauty.
Write your ideas in a journal, paste pictures of dreams, draw memories. Befriend warm, open souls. Cultivate a collection of things and thoughts that make you happy. Get rid of all the excess, the useless, and the ugly. Surround yourself with happy places, excellent company, and great anecdotes; refer to them often.

5.) Be fearless.
Stay true to yourself. Do what you want and say what you feel. Take chances, be carefree, and break some rules. There is no meaning in a dreamless, riskless life.

Sheena currently resides in Melbourne, Australia.