Submitted by Christine Reed

christine reed is a writer and student of all things mystical, yoga, and bliss. she writes every weekday at, and she writes about her beloved city on the lake weekly for the pa travel blog, the savvy grouse. she can also be found on twitter (theblisschick) or on her front stoop, soaking up the sun, editing her first novel, and bird and sky watching.

...editor's note - Christine is more specific with her "Five Rules"; she focused on how important the first moments of the day are in terms of what you do and what you listen to, watch, and read.

Here are Christine's "Five Rules For Life" - for the first hour of your day:

1.) Do not rush out of your bed.
When you awaken, whether it be by sunlight or the necessity of an alarm clock, lie still. Just breathe. Perhaps stretch like a baby. Breathe deeply into your lower abdomen and down into your wiggling toes. Breathe deeply to oxygenate your awakening brain. Breathe in the idea of the day. Start to envision what you want to look like as you go through your day. Do not think about the details of what you will be doing - just envision your peaceful, relaxed, and happy self. And envision staying that way no matter what.

2.) Treat your bathroom time as the ablution it is.
As you make your way to the bathroom, think about the miracle that is running, indoor, clean water. Be thankful. As you go through your routine, be thankful that your body functions as well as it does. Be thankful that you walked into the bathroom on your own, that you can do this all for yourself. As you wash your body in the shower or just your face at the sink, wash away any leftover anxiety or negative emotions from the previous day or from your dreams. See this as a cleansing and a preparation.

You are fresh and new every single morning!

3.) Connect to your body - slowly.
This only takes ten minutes. Or you could take an hour. Whatever you need or whatever you are capable of. Do not judge. Start moving. T'ai chi first thing is amazing. Restorative Yoga is the way I now begin. Or take a walk outdoors. No matter the weather. Observe the natural world. Notice whatever is happening on each day during each season. Connect to your body and to the world. Connecting to both is the same thing, really.

4.) Watch what you put in your brain via your ears and eyes.
Ideally, start your day - this first hour - with as little modern and technological input as possible. Do not get right on the computer. Do not turn on the news - radio or television. Do not unfold the newspaper. Instead, listen to the birds outside. Listen to soothing music. Listen to some chant. Read some poetry or something else you find equally inspirational.

It is difficult
to get the news from poems
yet men die miserably everyday
for lack
of what is found there.

- William Carlos Williams

5.) Gratitude.
Perhaps the most important rule - say "Thank You" and "Yes" before you begin the main part of your day. Thank you for all the gifts and lessons and opportunities - no matter what they are. Yes to life. Yes to breath. Yes to it all.

Christine currently resides in Lake Erie, Pennsylvania.