Submitted by Jill Garland

jill garland is a young mother of two. she owns a restaurant with her husband and also has a vintage jewelry and accessories store. she lost her mother when she way 12-years old, and considers herself an old soul in a young girl's body. she loves to exercise, eat, and spend time with her family.

Here are Jill's "Five Rules For Life":

1.) Always try.
You may not always succeed, but at least you know in your heart you tried as best you can. It’s not about the final outcome because it may not always work in your favor. It’s about the steps along the way and how you did everything possible to get there.

2.) Be yourself.
No matter what the situation, be true to who you are. Don’t change for others. Stick up for what you believe in and always speak your mind. If that’s who you are, let people know the real you. They will probably like you even better.

3.) Be kind to others, no matter what.
A smile, holding a door open for someone, saying thank you and your welcome. Writing a note/email to a friend or loved one to say "Hi, I’m thinking about you." The little things that people forget about doing on a day-to-day basis make life just a little better.

4.) Love yourself, enjoy being with yourself, and be good to yourself.
If you don’t love yourself you can’t love anybody else. Know that you are special and you have a lot to offer. That will translate to everything you do in your life. Enjoy being by yourself and appreciate your own thoughts. Treat your body with kindness and love. Take good care of it. Eat right, exercise, and enjoy life as much as you can. Know that it will always be good to you in return if you do.

5.) Know that some things in your life are not controllable.
Things happen to us when we least expect them. We have to learn how to deal with those things whether they are good or bad. The good things are usually a blessing. It’s the bad things that make it hard to move on in our life; however, somehow we do. It’s that will to embrace what has happened to us and to learn from the experience that helps us become a stronger person. It’s the strength we gain from the experience that changes us in a way we never thought possible. Embrace and learn from the good and the bad - ultimately that shapes us as individuals and makes us who we become.

Jill currently resides in Beverly Hills, California.