Submitted by Kimberly Lehnhoff

kimberly lehnhoff is a 52-year old newlywed, unemployed tech writer, mom (her youngest son is autistic), and grandma. she is trying her hand as a middle-aged "june cleaver" until the economy improves; she is not sure where her life is going, but she is still moving forward.

Here are Kimberly's "Five Rules For Life":

1.) Be grateful.
It can be hard sometimes. The economy is dismal (I know, I’m unemployed). Crises occur in our daily lives that make us feel that it is all so unfair. Butch up, there are loads of people who have it worse off than you; be grateful for all the good that you have in your life.

2.) Treat others with kindness.
Yes, even surly retail clerks deserve a "thank you." We have no idea what demons they are dealing with in their day-to-day existence...who knows, you may be the first person who has been nice to them today.

3.) Laugh.
Lots of mundane things are worthy of a chuckle; mingled in the laughter is forgiveness of yourself and others. We can be such silly creatures, after all.

4.) Listen to others when they speak. Really listen.
I know, I know – even while reading this, you’re forming your clever response. But by actively listening first, you pick up on even the non-verbal exchanges in the message.

5.) Seek occasional solitude to recharge.
Read a good book, take a long bath, or go for a walk. Sorting things out in your mind can be a good thing - just don’t turn it into a pity party (refer to rule #1).

Kimberly currently resides in Pevely, Missouri.