Submitted by Kitty Pryde

kitty pryde is an actor/writer/producer; she was raised in the north of england but currently resides in australia. she plans on moving to paris soon and staying there until she can speak french.

Here are Kitty's "Five Rules For Life":

1.) Dance.
Dancing releases tension, brings joy, and is really healthy! It is totally the most fun exercise.

2.) Never fear rain.
Getting wet is not going to kill you. And everyone needs to worry less about their hair. Enjoy the rain!

3.) Stand up straight.
It promotes confidence and good posture, which is awesome because you don't want to be bent double at age 80.

4.) Never wear beige tights.
Because it is tacky; they don't look like you have bare legs and they don't keep you warm. They are basically redundant...go for another colour.

5.) Use lots of suncream.
I feel this is self-explanatory. Skin cancer isn't fun.